Certified Courses

IAALP Dog Massage Therapist

To build a body that does not get sick, to build a body that allow your dogs to go for walk with you even when they get old, and to improve their quality of life who spend more time sleeping as they get older….There are things you can do – your gentle hands.

IAALP Dog Fitness Trainer

Dog fitness gives dogs the opportunity to use their brains to move their bodies, improving muscle strength, balance function, flexibility, and endurance that cannot be cultivated by going for a walk alone.

It helps boosting self-confidence through improved body awareness and a sense of accomplishment.  And it can have a positive impact on your mental health as well.

Grooming courses for pawrents

Pet’s owners & pet’s lovers? Enhance yourself with skillsets to bond with your dogs! 

🐾 Keen to learn how to groom your furkids?  Join with your furkids and you will learn full grooming in 6 months.  

🐾 1 day trial grooming class for pawrents

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