Dog Therapeutic Massage

The instructor, Ms. Riko Yamada, who specializes in dog physiotherapy and rehabilitation massage at universities and hospitals.  

She completed Canine Rehabilitation Certification Program, Veterinary Course at the University of Tennessee. She engaged in clinical internship at the Department of Rehabilitation, University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Centre.

In addition to teaching at universities and veterinary hospitals, she is engaged in activities such as writing and giving lectures in numerous media, animal-related magazines, and veterinary medicine-related magazines.

Massage helps loosen tightened muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can improve circulation, and assist with lymphatic drainage to help the immune system function optimally. 

You will learn the massage method for each part.  

If animal is suffering from a recent injury, massage therapy could be used as a form of rehabilitation to help boost the mobility and stimulate healing in the affected areas.


Physical Therapy (Exercise)

Therapeutic exercises include range-of-motion exercises, standing on unstable surfaces, navigating obstacle courses, and building strength.

Physical Therapy focuses on reducing pain and inflammation while restoring mobility and function. 

Therapy will improve mobility and function post surgery or injury, and let pets to have faster recovery and mimeses the postoperative confinement period and helps pets return sooner to their normal routines.