Grooming Lesson for Pawrents

Dog Grooming Courses for Pawrents

Will you groom your furkids by yourself?  Join with your furkids and you will learn full grooming in 6 months.  

🐾 8 times classes for 6 months

🐾 Course Fee – $1,296 (Including GST) *$1,200 + GST

🐾 Hands-on and Small-size class (2-3 pawrents)

Private 2-hour Grooming Class for Pawrents

This class is suitable for a pawrent who may want to try on first. 

$199 (Including GST) 

2-Hour Private Class

Basic Grooming / Full Grooming
$ 199 (Inclusive GST)

Nail Cutting/Ear Cleaning/Paw Trimming/Shampoo

Full Grooming

6-Month Course

Full Grooming
$ 1,296 (Inclusive GST)

Learn full grooming for your furkid

8 lessons with 6 month of full grooming for your furkid