Grooming Courses

Dog Grooming Courses for Pawrents

Will you groom your furkids by yourself?  Join with your furkids and you will learn full grooming in 6 months.  

🐾 8 times classes for 6 months

🐾 Course Fee – $1,284 (Including GST) *$1,200 + GST

🐾 Hands-on and Small-size class (2-3 pawrents)

Half-Day Grooming Class for Pawrents

This class is suitable for a pawrent who may want to try on first.   Option for the follow-up classes every month with your furkid.

Don’t worry if you are still not confident enough to do some snips on your furkid, our instructor will help your furkid look good at the end of the class!

$199 (Including GST) per pawrent

Max 2 pawrents per class – limited seats available on Saturdays.

Time slots : 11 am – 3 pm or 1 pm – 5 pm

Half-Day Class

Basic Grooming
$ 199 (Inclusive GST)

Nail Cutting/Ear Cleaning/Paw Trimming/Shampoo

Private Class for Fur Trimming (Additional Charge of $50)

6-Month Course

Full Grooming
$ 1,284 (Inclusive GST)

Learn full grooming for your furkid

8 lessons with 6 times of full grooming for your furkid