All You Need To Know About Our Hydrotherapy

Exercise is a healthy way for dogs to relieve stress. Like humans, current science shows that a dog’s body can experience stress in profound ways through their hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in their bodies, stress is not just a mental issue. The body remembers. Stress can have a profound effect on the body and can result in severe illness.

Walking is of paramount importance for the wellbeing and health of a dog, as joints are used, muscles are maintained and developed, and the lungs and heart are exercised. As a dog ages, muscular atrophy begins, and an older dog will struggle with balance and strength if the dog does not exercise regularly. When muscles are not strong enough to support a dog’s joints and tendons, stress and pressure on the dog’s joints and tendons can cause pain for the dog.

Both moderate and intense physical activity are able to strengthen heart muscles, improve blood circulation, and enable weight maintenance. Obesity on the other hand harms a dog, as obesity may cause diabetes and places a strain on a dog’s joints.

A hydrotherapy treadmill can offer relief for a wide variety of muscular and skeletal conditions.

When your dog uses a hydrotherapy treadmill, the water gives extra buoyancy that takes pressure off the joints. This allows older, arthritic, or overweight dogs to exercise with less pain and discomfort in a low impact environment. Hydrotherapy can also strengthen your dog’s muscles and tendons before surgery, and after surgery, can also help your dog’s muscles and tissues heal faster, and reduce swelling.

Here are stress symptoms in dogs that can observed:

  • Chewing or licking of feet and legs
  • Regularly recurring stomach problems
  • Ear infections that return regularly (this is typically a sign that the immune system is stressed and also a sign of an allergy)
  • Flaking or itching skin or a poor state of the coat
  • General behavioral issues

Long term stress is dangerous and damaging.  A dog is not able to self-regulate, and over time, can cause a breakdown of their reproductive and immune systems.

Water Treadmill Exercise + Micro bubble

The machine is developed jointly with canine hospitals in Japan.  It is well-designed for hydrotherapy for dog.

For dogs who weight limit up to 15kg
Micro bubbles help clean the dog’s skin during therapy, and the hydro jets can increase the strength of the muscles through water resistance.

What your dog gains from this exercise:

  • An increase in the dog’s functional range of motion
  • Build your dog’s muscle mass while emphasizing flexibility
  • Where the dog has been suffering pain, hydrotherapy offers an effective form of relief from swelling and joint stress
  • Works on stiff joints
  • Heals tissues
  • Benefits from a better functioning circulatory system

For Senior Dogs

Hydrotherapy serves as a very good exercise for senior dogs because the therapy strengthen its muscle without burdening their weak bones and joints.

  • It may be easier for senior dogs to walk in water than walking on the ground
  • Hydrotherapy serves as a calming release for senior dogs

Getting old is challenging for all living creatures, and dogs are no exception. As modern medicine ensures longer lifespans, pawrents have to work with the challenges of looking after an older dog.

For Young Dogs

  • Hydrotherapy is a good exercise within a short time to maintain their muscles.  Especially for dogs with weak legs

For Overweight Dogs 

  • Besides a control of the dog’s diet, hydrotherapy can help a dog to lose weight, build strength, and improves the dog’s metabolic rate.

For Canine Athletes 

  • Hydrotherapy can effectively be used for peak performance conditioning
  • The benefits of hydrotherapy exercise are that it reduces the weight load of the dog with buoyancy, strengthens a dog’s muscles with water flow resistance, reduces swelling of muscles and joints with water pressure, improves the range of motion on all joints, and allows for exercise regardless of the weather.

For Rehabilitation Purpose 

  • Currently we don’t provide service for dogs under rehabilitation.

Package for water treadmill exercise + micro bubble /jacuzzi

Recommend weekly exercise (*Micro bubble shower every 2-3 weeks)

One-time Session

$ 59 (Inclusive GST)

* If you are not sure
whether your furkid is ok with water.

Package 3 times

$ 165 (Inclusive GST)

* 15% off for senior dogs
(above 9 years old)

Valid for 3 months

Package 6 times

$ 300 (Inclusive GST)

* Recommend for furkids
who need to reduce their weight

Valid for 6 months

Add-on Ozone Bath ($5 on weekends only)

The whole session takes 1 hour in total including shower and dry.  The program is 15-20 mins walking exercise with a few mins interval every 5 mins walk.  We may not accept if dogs are not vaccine updated, during heat or are naturally hyper due to their safety.

The same day cancellation will be chargeable.

For day-care after session, $10 per extra hour and $35 per 4 hours (up to 5 pm).  It is cage free care🐾