The International Association of Animal Life Partners

Details of IAALP

Located in Mt Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Established in July 2012
Representative Director, Ms Riko Yamada

Association philosophy

“We strive to understand the habits, actions, and minds of animals, and aim to create a world where both humans and animals can live happier lives.”
Rather than controlling other animals in a one-sided manner, humans can deepen their knowledge of, respect, and empathize with animals, thereby broadening their worldview.
We believe that by coexisting with all animals with kindness and dignity, humans will be enriched and lead to a happier society.


  • Spread awareness of animal care methods that can be done at home, such as “Praise Touch®” and “Senior Dog Home Care”
  • Human resource development and qualification certification related to dog rehabilitation and health promotion
  • Spread awareness of stress management methods for guide dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs.
  • Dissemination and enlightenment of animal physical therapy to veterinarians and nurses
  • Volunteer activities related to animals


Riko Yamada’s Profile

She learned dog behavior, Terrington T-Touch, canine massage, dog fitness, and rehabilitation in the United States, and is the first person to introduce these theories and techniques to Japan.

In 2007, she integrated this knowledge with her own philosophy and techniques and devised Praise Touch®, which can be easily performed by men and women of all ages.

The association focuses its efforts on training instructors, and has spread the word widely in Japan, South Korea, and France.

In addition to teaching at universities, vocational schools, and veterinary hospitals, she also writes for numerous media outlets, animal-related magazines, and veterinary medicine-related magazines, gives lectures at veterinary associations, provides corporate advice, and works at veterinary hospitals and supervises dog fitness, rehabilitation, and dog wellness centre at veterinary hospitals and accommodation facilities in Japan.