Commitment to safety

marry shampoo is manufactured in a factory and research institute that is licensed to manufacture and sell quasi-drugs. Use all raw ingredients that have been approved for use in quasi-drugs, and have created a high-quality shampoo with a focus on safety in both raw ingredients and manufacturing equipment.

Increases the moisturizing effect of the skin and has the effect of repairing the coat.
It also has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, so it is also effective when the skin is inflamed or irritated due to itching or pain. It also has a hair growth promoting effect and a repairing effect, creating a healthy and glossy coat.

Hydrolyzed Collagen
By hydrolyzing collagen, it easily penetrates into the skin and coat and safely provides a high moisturizing effect. In addition, by laying the damaged cuticle flat and smoothing it, it repairs damage, improves combing, and creates a beautiful coat with moisture and shine.

Egg Yolk Oil
Used a luxurious egg yolk oil that can only be extracted from 2% of the whole egg. It contains lecithin, carotene, and vitamin E, which gives the skin flexibility and elasticity.
It also has a skin-activating effect, promoting healthy skin turnover.

Plant-derived surfactants
There are various types of surfactants, but marry shampoo uses highly safe plant-derived surfactants. It is less irritating to the skin and eyes, so it won’t hurt if it gets in your eyes. You can use it to lather up dirt on your face. It has a high cleaning effect and foams well, so you can gently wash your skin as if it were wrapped in foam. It also has an anti-static effect, so you can use it even during the dry winter months.

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