Grooming Courses

Grooming Courses for Pawrents

Will you groom your furkids by yourself?  Join with your furkids and you will learn full grooming in 6 months.  

🐾 8 times classes for 6 months

🐾 Course Fee – $1,284 (Including GST)

🐾 Hands-on & Small-size class (2-3 pawrents)

Therapy Class for Pawrents

Canine Therapeutics (from US) x Wan Wan Wellness

Zoom Lessons to learn at home with your furkids

Therapy Class for Pawrents


Wellness checkup guide for small dogs (lecture only)

🐾 Introduction of common illnesses for small dogs

🐾 Palliative care – what are the equipment, habits, and exercises that should be avoided?

🐾 Injury prevention – from posture and movement


Intro to canine massage Ⅰ (lecture & massage practice)

Join with your furkids!

🐾 Dog body language

🐾 Basic massage practice