Grooming & Hydrotherapy Specialist

Wan Wan Wellness provides services for:

  • Hydrotherapy + Daycare
  • Grooming + Daycare
  • Short Grooming Course for Pawrents
  • Certified Dog Massage / Fitness Trainer Courses for Professional

For dogs with muscle and joint injuries, we offer a hydrotherapy treadmill with a micro bubble spa to assist pawrents in exercising, strengthening muscle, and functional range of motion for their furkids. Our current hydrotherapy treadmill can be used for small to medium sized dogs (up to 15kg) of all ages to maintain their wellness.

Wan Wan Wellness will offer wellbeing courses for pawrents and their furkids. Do check out our postings for online courses.

We offer a high quality grooming service provided by experienced groomers.

Check out our online specialty products store offering high-quality made in Japan or Japanese manufacturers’ products