Praise Touch for Pawrents

Praise Touch is touch care for your dogs or cats. 

There are 20 types of touch for various situations, and the gentle touching with easy-to-learn techniques can help not only your furkids’ physical and mental health but also pawrent’s physical and mental health.

☞ You can easily practice mindfulness with your furkids.
☞ Induces oxytocin, which is beneficial for physical and mental health.
☞ Promotes autonomic nervous balance.
☞ Build furkids’ body and mind to overcome stress and increase their immune system.

“Touch triggers the release of oxytocin in animals, and the same thing probably happens in humans.”


What is Praise Touch?

Praise Touch is a touch care that gently touches the surface of your furkid’s body.  Unlike massage, it is a care method that anyone can easily do every day, as it only involves light touch in various ways without applying pressure. It induces oxytocin, an internal hormone and neurotransmitter that has a dominant effect on the mind and body of both furkids and pawrents, promoting physical health and mental (mental and emotional) stability, and deepening the bond between each other.

Praise Touch also allows you to easily practice mindfulness by focusing on your breathing and moment-by-moment time with your furkid.

Praise Touch has 3 sets of routines: “I love you,” “good morning,” and “good night.”
Each routine consists of 6 to 8 types of touches (manipulations) that touch and care for your furkid’s entire body. 
Praise Touch can be done anytime, anywhere as long as you have your hands and the heart to convey love.  During a walk, in nature, relaxing at home, while traveling, etc. Enjoy Praise Touch mindfully with your furkids in a variety of situations.

Praise Touch For Dogs

Individual Routine Seminar

Full Intensive Seminar

Praise Touch For Cats

Instructor of Praise Touch for Dogs

This course is for those who want to work as Praise Touch instructors.  By completing this course, you will be certified as an IAALP Praise Touch for official instructor for dogs” and will be able to hold official seminars for Praise Touch Class for Dogs.

Please contact us if you are interested to know more.

There are some terms & conditions for certified instructors to follow as working as an official instructor.

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