Bed (Cool touch material & inset repellent)


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Cool Material & Insect repellent Function

From Japan

The inside (light khaki material with a faint pattern) has a double function with a cool touch material (Q-max 0.45) and anti-insect and anti-mosquito processing. The cooling sensation material that feels cool to the touch is gentle to the touch, so you don't have to worry about it getting too cold, so your furkid can sleep comfortably.

The sounding are stuffed with plenty of cotton and stitched to prevent them from sagging. Furkids can put their chin on it, lean their body against it, and it will fit your furkids in a comfortable sleeping position.

The bottom cushion is removable, so you can wash it immediately if it gets dirty. In addition to the fluffy padding, it has a sturdy urethane sheet. The cushion is also reversible by changing the outer material and lining. On a hot day, use the surface of the cool touch material to increase the cooling sensation.

Finished in a large size that allows you to relax and relax. Recommended for small and medium-sized dogs, cats.

The height of the bed entrance is low so that it is easy to enter and exit, and the design is gentle on old dogs and dog wiith weak legs. The bottom has a non-slip finish that prevents it from slipping even if your pet jumps in.

Give your furkids a comfortable sleep on a soft bed.


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