Bedsore Prevention Bed for Senior Dogs


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This bed is good for senior dogs, who are lying down most of the days.

Double layer urethane and antibacterial/ammonia odor eliminating mat towel

Roomy square shape for easy sleeping and turning

Convenient handles for indoor moving and turning

Elastic band secures 4 corners to prevent accident.  Hold the handle firmly and slowly lift, toss and turn

*To prevent floor shifting by tossing and turning every 2-3 hours to prevent floor shifting effectively, hold the handle firmly for 2 or more adults and slowly lift it when lowering

Make sure your dog is in a stable position before lifting clean and storage method.

Do not store the mat towel or bed cover dirty, hand wash lightly with mild detergent if the wick is dirty, wipe it down tightly with a mild detergent cloth with diluted water.

Do not machine wash and tumble dry

Do not use bleach, benzene, thinner, alcohol etc., as it may fade in the washing and do not come out immediately after washing, dry thoroughly in direct sunlight, high temperature.

M : 80 x 80 x 5 cm (dog weight up to 25 kg)

L : 100 x 100 x 6 cm (dog weight up to 35 kg)

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