Speedywan Treatmnet In Shampoo


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Features With performance designed to suit the
breed, it is possible to select the item to match your dog!
Items of defferent breeds ●For poodles:Prevents outbreaks of fur tangling and balling, and gives a soft, fluffy and light finish.
●For chihuahuas:Makes fur shiny, and gives a sleek and silky smooth finish.
●For dachshunds:Keeps easily-dried skin in a healthy condition, and gives fur a supple and light finish.
●For shibas:Turns even fur that is sticky with oil and dirt into a fine coat of fur,with a light and fluffy finish.
Products features(all items) ●Low irritant shampoo containing naturally-derived ingredients.
●Gives a finish like a treatment in one step.
●Lauryl / laures sulfate free, silicone free.
Ingredients ●Green tea extract : Deodorizing ingredients knows as flavonoids adsorb and reduce bothersome smells.
●Shea butter : Protects fur from damage and sunburn caused by ultraviolet rays, and makes fur shiny and sleek.
●Plant extracts : Horseradish seed and scutellaria root give moisture to the skin and fur.

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Poodle, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Shiba Inu