POSITIVE DOG FITNESS ~ Fun fitness for dogs ~

Fitness should be fun for dogs. It’s important to keep your dog relaxed and active while exercising. By performing the movement while the dog feels it, the dog uses its own proprioceptive senses to understand the correct body position and correct movement. To sense and understand them, dogs must have the capacity to feel without tension. When dogs are stressed or anxious, end up over-exerting and not being able to feel the sensation of movement.

Dogs naturally love to use their brains and move their bodies. However, in urban life, walk on flat asphalt roads, and there are limited opportunities to balance your body on bumpy roads and avoid obstacles.

Rico’s Dog Fitness is a holistic fitness that emphasizes emotional-spirit-physical balance. 

By incorporating behavioral studies and increasing insight, we focus on understanding how dogs feel, building trusting relationships, and motivating dogs. The important thing is to communicate in a way that suits the dog in front of you. And fitness should be fun and happy for dogs, not fear or compulsion. 

Training is about creating learning, not about teaching. Instead of one-way commands, it maximizes the dog’s own movements for smooth and effective fitness.

In order for dogs to feel satisfied and happy as a dog, it is necessary to give the dog a chance to think for himself and create a chance to move his body.

Through Rico’s Dog Fitness, we aim to provide dogs with such an opportunity, and by having them perform appropriate exercise in addition to daily walks, we aim to condition the body and mind of dogs.

Book a first trail!

One-Time Trial

$ 59 (Inclusive GST)


Package 3 times

$ 165 (Inclusive GST)

* 15% off for senior dogs
(above 9 years old)

Valid for 3 months

Package 6 times

$ 300 (Inclusive GST)

Valid for 6 months

3 Fitness + 3 Hydrotherapy

$ 250 (Inclusive GST)

Valid for 6 months
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The whole session takes 1 hour in total including assessment.  The fitness program is 25-30 mins.

We may not accept if dogs are not vaccine updated, during heat or are naturally hyper due to their safety.

The same day cancellation will be chargeable.

For day-care after session, $10 per extra hour and $35 per 4 hours (up to 5 pm).  It is cage free care🐾