Points for Skin Care

Ozonated Bath

An ozone bath as a body care treatment can sterilize and disinfect a dog’s skin, while smoothing the coat of dogs.  It is recommended for dogs with sensitive skin, or dogs that tend to have dandruff

How does ozone work

Ozone is 7 times more effective in killing bacteria than chlorine. It sterilizes micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

Ozone sterilizes and disinfects without using chemicals, is less irritating to the skin, and can be used without stressing the dog.

Ozone water will turn back to oxygen and water after oxidation, and will not have residual toxins or affect the dog’s vision or taste.

Ozone decomposes malodorous gases that cause odors, serving as an excellent deodorant that reduces body odor in dogs.

A Nano bubble ozone shower is safe and excellent in protecting the skin and coat while decomposing excess sebum.

Substances that cause allergies can be removed in a nano bubble ozone shower, preventing skin diseases.

An Ozone Bath activates a dog’s skin cells to support the formation of strong skin and coat.

An ozone bath gives vitality to the body, relieving stress.

We recommend an ozone bath once a month, and at most twice a month.

We don’t recommend an ozone bath for dogs:

with chronic illness such as heart or endocrine disease due to old age, and in a poor physical condition

pregnant dog for safety reasons

puppies in the growing stage

Carbonated Spring Bath

Hot water in which carbon dioxide gas is dissolved

🐾 Improvement of blood circulation

It helps capillaries expanded and activates blood flow.  It can be expected that not only the skin but also the metabolism of the whole body will rise and the immunity will improve.

It also has the effect of relieving pain such as joint pain and lower back hernia by promoting blood circulation.

🐾 Reducing level of skin pH

The surface pH of dogs’ skin is said to be slightly more alkaline than in humans. On the alkaline side of the skin, indigenous bacteria such as staphylococci are more likely to proliferate, making it easier to cause dermatitis such as pyoderma.

By taking a hot bath in carbonated springs, the skin will be less susceptible to bacterial growth.

🐾 Removing dirt from pores and fur

It is possible to remove fine dirt by washing with a carbonated spring due to the fine bubbles of carbon dioxide gas.

🐾 Improvement of coat

Carbonated springs are slightly acidic.  It helps to stabilize the pH of the fur.  The fur can be firm and the fluffiness lasts for a long time.

🐾 Relaxation

It has an inhibitory effect on the sympathetic nervous system.  It lowers blood pressure and heart rate and has a calming effect.

We recommend a carbonated spring bath once a month, and at most twice a month.

Micro Bubble Bath

Micro bubbles are smaller than a dog’s pores and removes dirt on the skin and inside pores.  Micro bubbles do not require shampoo or scrubs to the dog’s skin, reducing friction on the skin.

We recommend a micro bubble bath when you like to

Remove sebum and dead skin

Treat skin diseases (dermatotherapy).

Avoid strong shampoos as your dog’s skin is delicate

Prevent ear infections and ease tear stains

We recommend a micro bubble bath once every 3 – 4 weeks.

Skin Care Spa & Dry

$ 30 Choice of Ozone Bath or
Carbonated Spring Bath

Shampoo + Skin Care Spa

$ 50 Weekends offer
(Different pricing on weekdays)

Ozone bath and carbonated spring bath are available up to small-medium size only.   
For medium-large size dog, mud spa is available instead.  Find out more on Mud Spa.  

Micro-bubble bath is available only for hydrotherapy session with no additional charge.