Swedish-style dog massage

A Swedish dog massage approach that massages a dog’s muscles based on the anatomy of the dog.

Effective for:

🐾 Improve immunity
🐾 Rehabilitate postoperation
🐾 Smoothen joints’ movement
🐾 Relieve stress or pain
🐾 Recover from fatigue
🐾 Maintaining good health

Recommend for:

Senior dogs 🐾 Dogs having patella issues 🐾 Canine Athletes

Your furkids should be : 

No fever or skin troubles
No heat period
No immunity disease
No filariasis or filariasis treatment
More than 2 hours after the meal
More than 8 months old

Add-on rate with our hydrotherapy session

Including body balance check and 15 mins massage after hydrotherapy session

One-time session

$ 29 (Inclusive GST)