TotoFit Nubby TotoPAWDS™ | K9 fitness & rehab use


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Toto Fit products are certified phthalate, lead, BPA and latex free, and manufactured to CE standards in Italy.

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This item is not only fun, but also essential for any dog working on their core, stance, balance, targeting, or postural strength.  It is a lovely and easy way to teach dogs to stack with the added benefit of building core and postural strength.  In addition, the texture and the sturdiness of the Nubby TotoPAWDSTM allow the dog to work on the strength, position and posture of their digits or toes.  This is a must in all sporting and working breeds.


The Nubby TotoPAWDSTM are sturdy enough to handle the body weight and pressure of all dogs, yet gentle enough for even the smallest of feet.  They may be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment. In addition, they are small enough to take on the road when traveling to continue to work on your fitness program.


These may be used on all four limbs, the forelimbs, the hindlimbs, or a combination of the limbs.  There are many possibilities to work on the strength, deficits, or function.


As seen in the pictures, there is a 1” hole in the center of the TotoPAWDTM that does not go all the way through.  This allows for other uses of the TotoPAWDTM and the strong material keeps the strength and integrity of the shape.  The nubby parts are also ‘gentle’ on the foot, and we have found that dogs with sensitive feet are more willing to work with these.

They are 6″ in diameter and 3″ in tall, making them suitable for giant breed dogs, as well as puppies.  Sold in a Set of 4.

***ALL TotoFit products are free of the six phthalates banned from children’s toys by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  We are happy to show you the results of an independent CPSC approved lab test we had done on our Nubby TotoPAWDS to back up our Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity. ***

These are not inflatable, but may be filled with water for added stability.  There is a plug on the base that can be removed.